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Flushing Dance Club, was founded in 2013, trying to promote Flushing entirely and New York. Our club chose to locate at the most populated place,Northern Boulevard. As we promote the development plan of the initiation point of New York. Flushing Dance Club always struggles with the goal Industry benchmark and often contribution to the community. We also use strength to prove this point.
    Flushing Dance Club covers an area of 2000 square feet, which is equipped with wooden floor, high-end audio equipment. We can accommodate nearly a hundred members of various dance training. We get the support of a circle of dances. We have various dances, the most widely distributed and teachers strongest. We are integrated of adult and children as one of the dance school. Large dance choreography with dance club! (Latin Jazz, sexy, noble modern, yoga, belly dance, dynamic, lively and elegant modern dance Latin Dance Course Series). Our club was founded by the famous Minzu University of China in Beijing of dancing department elite-----Huang Yicheng and Fu Lingli will directly teach students in dance class. The school upholds "truth-seeking, pragmatic, rigorous, self-confidence" concept to help students through the art of dance exercise a perfect body, blooming splendor of life. Dance has no limitation of age. We receive 3-year-old children and senior aged 87. To understand the needs of students at different ages and life planning, the school will be divided into two groups of young and adult students. You’re welcome to visit and participate in the dance.

Flushing Dance Club jointly created by Huang Yicheng, Fu Lingli, who won the national level of athletes and the teacher qualification certificate of outstanding dance teacher which had many years of teaching experience, won the love and support from students. Our Club was founded since the achievements of the students to participate in large-scale Manhattan DanceSport, Connecticut DanceSport has won the first dance competition, even has been China Embassy in America, the American Federation of Chinese entrepreneurs, New York community newspaper, the City Association and other special invited to be guest performers. Flushing Dance Club, in addition, to teach the essence of dance and the skills to students, we will strive for students to participate in the competition and in the stage of blooming opportunity. In order to expand the horizons of students, enhance students' confidence and performance dance techniques and provide the opportunity for students with the world champion at the same stage. We also participate in the annual world of dance legends activities and we invited the world dance champions who came to teach students, improve the quality of teaching so that students have updated, better teaching guidance. In addition to a promotion, we hope that students can also get through the dance of life and spirit of sublimation. We want to give spirit and the happiness of dance to more people, so we often take the students to participate in community volunteer performances, lectures, such as we make a public hospital performance to the elderly people and elderly people love it. Hope that through these activities it helps students improve in dancing, edify sentiment and confidence, we also expect to make the New York Chinese community developments". Our club developed well, in order to facilitate the majority of dance lovers, since 2016, we opened a new campus in the new address provided to students to learn. And in the future will open more campuses for everyone to dance learning and communication. The school dance equipment is perfect, the classroom can accommodate nearly one hundred people. In addition to the special admissions package, we also leased the venue for private teaching, birthday parties, business seminars, etc..

So many kinds of dance, there must be one that can make you interested, whether you are a beginner or a master, welcome to participate or enlighten. Come on! Move your posture, burn fat and bloom summer passion!

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137-02 Northern Blvd. Flushing,NY 11354

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