Licheng Music School

Licheng Music School is a professional training institution dedicated to the training and education such as music, singing, piano, violin, flute and so on.

Our teaching mainly uses one-on-one teaching methods, to cultivate student’s interest as a prerequisite, uses professional teaching methods and scientific training as the center, to meet the norms of professional playing ability as the goal, to cultivate student's artistic sentiments and artistic accomplishment. We teaching students by using lively image of the language, practicing students hearing, visual, touching and their ability of hands, eyes, brain coordination. During the training, students can make the purposes of early development of intelligence.

Our school has a professional teaching group. The teachers of our school are graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, Capital Normal University, Manhattan School of Music, New York University and other institutions of higher education music education. Our school teachers all have higher level of art accomplishment, solid professional quality, skilled playing skills. All teachers have been to school special training, and they can work after passing the exam.

The school has its own set of complete education system, the school teachers teaching student based on our teaching plan and content. We using characteristic of language, student's teaching ideas and methods of teaching to teach our students.

Based on requirements of parents and students, our school also opened painting, sketching, calligraphy, dancing, after school classes and other teaching courses. But our goal still are painting, calligraphy, dancing, after school tutoring basic education to train students art accomplishment and basic professional quality. Combining education with entertainment, increasing student’s points of interest, letting the students improperly mistakenly learned from younger age to get a steady painting, calligraphy professional skills, elegant body and art of temper.

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