About Licheng Art School

The feature of Licheng Art School is to bring up student’s interest about painting, we have a lot of different classes. For example, Line drawing, student painting creation, Paperwork, Clay Sculpture, paper cut and other types of arts and crafts which can enrich the student’s imagination and practical ability. The most important is to bring up student's interest about arts and painting. Student painting start with child’s cognition of shapes and structure. The tools they will be using is crayon, it can bring up child’s ability of control the color. The study is professional color content, but the way we teach child based on their ability. We use variety of simple methods to teach student. The same painting about cartoons, but we take the means and the nature of teaching methods are totally different.

Want to feel the happiness of art? Come to Licheng Art School! Enjoy the time with us! Your can perceive art, develop ability of thinking, practical, brain creative and create their own drawing like an artist by learning the knowledge of arts.

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